An Emerging Opportunity

As renewables become cheaper, companies and countries have new opportunities to reduce energy costs and meet their climate goals.

  • Renewable energy costs are dropping as corporate demand for clean energy rises.

  • Economic growth leads to increased energy demand in emerging markets.

  • Accelerating clean energy deployment in commercial and industrial sectors supports companies and countries to meet their energy and climate commitments.

Over 140 major companies have already pledged to shift to 100% renewable energy and have made significant progress towards these targets in the U.S. and Europe. But in emerging markets, regulatory and market barriers have slowed investment and limited clean energy deployment across supply chains.

Offering Solutions

The CEIA is an innovative public-private partnership jointly led by Allotrope Partners, World Resources Institute, and the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Through targeted engagement in key countries, the CEIA unlocks clean energy investment across commercial and industrial sectors. The CEIA helps companies meet their clean energy targets and supports countries to meet their climate and development goals. This includes implementation of Nationally Determined Contribution investment plans, long-term decarbonization strategies, and broader efforts to meet growing energy needs and support strong economic growth.


The CEIA Model


In each of our target markets, the CEIA advances three essential pillars for scaling clean energy. In partnership with local business associations, governments, and other stakeholders, the CEIA:

  • Enables private sector purchasers, particularly commercial and industrial companies, to aggregate demand and deploy clean energy;

  • Develops energy demand aggregation models and uses financial tools to grow the clean energy pipeline and unlock access to finance; and

  • Works with national and subnational governments to strengthen policy frameworks to increase clean energy investment and deployment.

The CEIA in Action

The CEIA engages with government leaders to create policy environments that support and attract clean energy investment. By bringing together the public and private sectors and providing technical support to commercial and industrial energy consumers, the CEIA helps businesses inform policy and test new purchasing models that can be replicated and scaled.

The CEIA aggregates clean energy demand of multiple buyers to reach economies of scale, lower the cost of renewables, attract quality service providers, and drive investment toward new pools of projects. Our technical team helps buyers procure clean energy by collecting and analyzing data, designing and issuing Requests for Proposals, and evaluating bids. The CEIA works with multinational companies, their supply chain partners, and other regional and local businesses, to demonstrate the success of new procurement mechanisms and help secure project financing and new investment. Our work focuses on transforming markets in Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, and Colombia.

We work to share knowledge and apply best practices across different markets and encourage regional replication of the CEIA model. These actions amplify lessons learned on key policy and financing solutions to scale commercial and industrial clean energy globally.