The CEIA is jointly led by Allotrope Partners, World Resources Institute, and the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, with each partner bringing unique technical skills, networks, and capabilities.


World Resources Institute (WRI) is a global research organization working at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity, and human well-being. WRI focuses on six critical areas: climate, energy, food, forests, water, and sustainable cities. As part of the CEIA Team, WRI:

  • Brings together corporate buyers through the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) and other networks

  • Offers experience on joint Requests for Proposals in the U.S. and India

  • Leads training of corporate purchasers and co-leads renewable energy project design

Allotrope Partners is an international clean energy advisory and investment firm specializing in emerging markets and technologies. Allotrope advances initiatives and investments with transformational impacts on the clean economy. As part of the CEIA Team, Allotrope:

  • Catalyzes public-private dialogue to scale investment in low-carbon technologies and businesses

  • Offers extensive experience in financial modelling and business case analysis

  • Co-leads renewable energy project design and leads deal structuring

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is a U.S. government funded research laboratory focused on developing and commercializing clean energy technologies and working to apply innovative methodologies and tools. As part of the CEIA Team, NREL:

  • Assesses project feasibility, grid integration considerations, and the enabling environment

  • Leads government engagement and policy and regulatory strengthening

  • Amplifies lessons through networks, such as the Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership


Our Partners

The CEIA Team collaborates across a range of local and international partners to harness the best on-the-ground expertise and maximize effectiveness.

Financial support for the CEIA is provided by the U.S. and German governments and a range of public, private, and philanthropic partners.

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